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- Diamond Gold Party Staff

January 2011

What a great time we all had. Hanging out with family and friends.
Everyone was completely surprised at how much money they got for their
old unwanted gold. Anna was great explaining how to test the gold
and silver. Even when you think you don't have much gold and it is not worth selling you will be pleasantly surprised. My party received
a total of $5,800 WOW! and I got a great commission and the extra $100
for having over fifteen guests. Some of my guests are now thinking of
hosting their own parties.

Thanks again for a great evening of fun and making extra cash.

- Rosalind

December 2010

If you're truly looking for the best in service and the highest payouts in the Cash4Gold Service you've got to host your own Diamond Gold Party,
I invited everyone to mine and they were so happy to have attended the event.
I personally hosted a holiday fundraiser boutique inviting those who are closest to me.
The event was a complete success and the Cash Gift I received for hosting it helped my cause tremendously.
Thank you Diamond Gold Party Staff for your honesty and high payouts! I will be telling everyone that I know.

- A. Lopez

November 2010

Diamond Gold Party thank you so much for hosting my show, you are AWESOME!!!! Great group of people working my event, I will keep referring your business, it was amazing!!!!

I hosted a show in November with Diamond Gold Party located in the jewelry district in Downtown Los Angeles. I did some research before feeling comfortable enough to book. I didn't like the idea of 1-800 numbers, commercials, etc. Long story short is I had just 6 guests who all brought scraps of jewelry or orphan earrings, watches, coins etc. I had one guest go home with $400. Basically, they buy your yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum from you. A rep comes to your place of choice and brings a kit to test your jewelry with, weighs it and all payout are made in cash. The rep will even remove stones from your jewelry or the face off a watch band so you can sell the metal and keep your stone/watch face. At the end of your "party," the rep tallies up the total amount paid to your guests and gives you 20 percent CASH if you are a non-profit (as the school is). So with zero effort, we got to visit with friends and make $100 cash in one night, which will be put toward Leslie's trip. This is especially a good time because metals are at their highest value AND it's near the holidays so people need the money. Or, you can host one after the holidays when those you know are broke :-( Just thought I'd pass on the info since it was such an effortless success for us.

Honestly, it is a great opportunity to raise some funds for the trip for the kids without feeling you have to wait to hear back from planned fundraisers. You can do this 100 percent on your own.

Get your guest list together and call to book a Diamond Gold Party (213) 623-3388

- Lorena Flores

November 2010

Hosting a Diamond Gold Party was an amazing experience, my guests were amazed with their payouts and how easy it is to turn gold jewelry that they no longer need to into cash for the holiday season. The Reps take their time and explain everything to you about your old gold. They even removed and returned stones. I will be recommending them to all of my friends and family.


- A. Rodriguez

October 2010

I heard about Diamond Gold Party from my Sister who visited their location in the Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry District, I visited Diamond Gold Parties store called LA Cash for Gold and the staff is amazing. I sold a few pieces of jewelry and they even polished and repaired a ring I wanted to give to my daughter for her sweet 16. I decided to host my own party. What a great concept, recycle Gold and Silver into Cash! The event was a complete success. I invited a few other vendors and we had a perfect ladies night!

- Suzie M.

August 2010

I have nothing but positive things to say about Diamond Gold Party. My guests complemented me on the way their transactions were handled. They were pleased with their individual transactions. There was no pressure to sell and they felt they received top dollar for their items. One of my guest was so excited on the $$ she received; she could not wait to share with us. She walked through the screen door!!! Diamond Gold, makes you feel very comfortable. They handled everything very professionally. The staff was excellent!!!! The commission was great too!!!

- Alma M.

May 2009

I have had the pleasure of hosting two "Gold Parties" at my house with this company. I couldn't be happier with the results. The first party I hosted, I made $1300.00 and the second party I made $900.00. Both times it was CASH, not a check or a voucher. My friends all left with a pocketful of cash too and happy!! Nick hosted both parties at my house and he is not only professional and proficient at what he does, but he is extremely friendly and personable too. Every one of my guests felt he was honest and just a great guy. A couple of friends have even had parties of their own with him, and I got a cut from their sales. It's really unbelievable!!

I would highly recommend Nick and his company to anyone who is thinking about hosting a gold party of their own. You won't be'll just be richer!!

- Julie C.

July 2009
Diamond Gold Party is the best company to organize your Gold Party. They are a true and honest representation of the Gold Industry. As a previous hostess, I was and continue to be extremely satisfied with services provided by their representatives which are very professional. In addition my guest were also very satisfied and impressed with experiencing first-hand the complete process of selling their gold for cash. Not only were they privy to the whole valuing your gold process but also received the BEST and highest pay-outs. We truly respect Diamond Gold Party and most of all for what they are doing to put extra cash in peoples pockets during these hard times!


- M. Franklin

August 2009

Finally a party that puts cash in your pockets!
Thank you so much for attending my Diamond Gold Party. Mostly, for all your patience with my twenty-five guests! I know all my guests cashed in gold that was just sitting in their jewelry cases and walked away with some FINE CASH. The sales at the show were $8000. and of course I received $1200. in cash just for hosting the show. Thank you.

P.S. Ready to book your own Diamond Gold Party and earn extra cash simply fill out the contact form!

- Shannon G.