PromotionsHere is information on our promotions for hosting a Diamond Gold Party that meet certain requirements. Some of our incentives include extra cash bonuses and even jewelry on top of your already established commissions. Please note that these promotions do not combine, when you obtain a higher promotion this will replace the lesser amount. Please note, Gold Party Fundraisers are not eligible for bonus promotions due to increased percentage of commission paid out.

1. Bonus $100 Cash Gift if you invite 15 Guests (minimum requirement $50 per guest and minimum $1,500 purchases).

2. Bonus $150 if we purchase $6,000 or more at your event.

3. Bonus $250 if we purchase $10,000 or more.

4. Bonus Free pair 1 Carat total weight Round Diamond Stud Earrings if your party does $12,500 or more. (Retail Value $2000) Instead you may option out for $400 in cash.

5. Have friends or family that want to sell gold even after your gold party? You can earn 5% on each purchase amount we buy from a referral you bring to our office in Downtown Los Angeles. (To qualify you must previously have hosted a gold party with us)