Best Price for gold coin bullion los angeles

Are you thinking of Selling Gold Bullions and Coins in Los Angeles? Diamond Gold Party has an Office located in Downtown Los Angeles that specializes in buying all kinds of Gold, Silver and Platinum.

How do you know where the best place to sell your Gold and silver bullions is in Los Angeles? Simple we offer prices up front at 90% of the Spot Price and Cash Payment on the spot.

You can log on to our website to see our Live Gold Coin and Gold Bullion Price List.



Bullion Brands We buy:


Johnson Matthey

Credit Suisse


Perth Mint

Royal Canadian Mint


Scotia Mocatta

Sunshine Minting


Gold Coins We Buy:

Gold Vienna Philharmonics

Gold American Buffalos

Gold American Eagles

Gold Canadian Maple Leafs

Gold South African Krugerrands


Turning your Gold and Silver is easy now. Come in to get the best price in los angeles for gold bullions.


These are just some of the Common weights for Gold Bullions Sold in Los Angeles

1 gram Gold Bullion
2 gram Gold Bullion
2.5 gram Gold Bullion
5 gram Gold Bullion
10 gram Gold Bullion
20 gram Gold Bullion
50 gram Gold Bullion
100 gram Gold Bullion
200 gram Gold Bullion
400 gram Gold Bullion

 1 Ounce Gold Bullion
10 Ounce Gold Bullion
100 Ounce Gold Bullion
200 Ounce Gold Bullion
400 Ounce Gold Bullion
1 Kilo Gold Bullion


When your ready to sell your Gold, Silver, Platinum Bullion Bars for the most cash in Los Angeles California. Check our Prices and come on over.